Soldiers Fighting the Abu Sayyaf Drink Water from Rain Collected on Tent

As if their job of going after the Abu Sayyaf is not hard enough, the soldiers currently stationed in Mindanao to fight against insurgency are facing other more practical problems: where to get water?

If they get lucky, they can be camping near a stream or spring but if not, they have to make do with what is available ­– even if it means drinking the water collected on their tents after a rain! That means that while rain also makes their jobs more difficult, it can also work to their advantage since they can get water from there.

Photo credit: Harold Cabunoc / Proud Pinoy TV - Facebook
Photo credit: Harold Cabunoc / Proud Pinoy TV – Facebook

Remember that human beings need a lot of water to survive. These soldiers need a lot water! But considering that many are stationed in remote mountain areas, bringing gallons of water along with them is not just impractical, it can also prove dangerous!

Poor soldiers. We could only hope that they are well-compensated for the extra sacrifices they are doing for the country.

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