She Graduated Cum Laude and on the Way to Fulfilling Her Dream Career… But She Was Killed by Drug Addicts on the Day She Received First Pay Check!

She was a model student who was the pride of her family but 20-year-old Cyrish Magalang’s life was unceremoniously taken by 49 stab wounds made by two drug addicts on the day she received her first paycheck – and her family had been waiting to celebrate the joyous milestone with her!

The youngest daughter of Juancho and Milagros Magalang, Cyrish was the pride of the family. She had always wanted to become a flight stewardess and ride airplanes so she took up Tourism at the University of Santo Tomas (UST). Throughout her studies, the model student was serious and focused for she wanted to fulfill her dreams.

Photo credit: Facebook / Unofficial: Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa Solid Supporters
Photo credit: Facebook / Unofficial: Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa Solid Supporters

Mommy Milagros would later recall how she received a paper from Cyrish right before the graduation day. She thought it was another bill from school and she didn’t want to open the envelope but when she finally did, she was pleasantly surprised to find an announcement from UST that Cyrish will be graduating as cum laude!

Soon after graduation, Cyrish would land a job at the SMX Convention Center as Guest Services Assistant. It was surely a step towards fulfilling her dream career.

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