Police Chief’s Post About Erring Motorist Driving Over Newly Cemented Road Earns Mixed Reactions

When the Facebook page of PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa posted a photo of a pickup truck which appeared to have driven over a newly cemented road, the post earned mixed reactions on social media – with some people actually taking the side of the erring motorist!

According to the Facebook page, the photo was an example of how people, this time the driver of the pickup truck, show no respect on the road. Even when the road appears to have been newly cemented, the driver, in all his arrogance, drove over it anyway – never mind that the construction workers will have to redo the road because the truck had ruined it for good!

While many agreed that that driver was at fault here, there were many who believe that the driver must have missed the signs saying the road was under repair and that it was the construction workers’ fault that the driver drove over the road because they did not put ample barriers to bar anyone from driving over the wet cement.

Photo credit: Facebook / PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa
Photo credit: Facebook / PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa

Some people also claimed that the photo was edited to make it appear like this last pickup truck was the culprit but that the tire position are not consistent with the marks or the tires do not seem to show cement at all or something else.

To date, the page has not yet resolved the issue but if this was for real, then the motorist should be the one to pay for the damages incurred on the road and the salary of the workers who will have to redo that portion of the road – the cost should not be paid by innocent taxpayers!

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  1. Definitely the people who were doing road repairs has not put any signs or blockades at entry point.

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