Photo of Scout Rangers Goes Viral as They Earn Praise and Thanks from Filipino Netizens They Protect

The Scout Rangers in the Philippines are in the frontlines and often spend months in the mountains to protect the people in the country’s fight against insurgency and terrorism but, sadly, they are also among the least paid workers and officers in the country.

When a photo of three Scout Rangers was posted by Facebook page, Rodrigo Duterte Supporters, this quickly went viral as netizens praised the three and the rest of the Scout Rangers for sacrificing their lives for the good of the nation.

Many netizens also commented how these front liners were among the lowest paid in the uniformed force and expressed hope that the government will do something about this, especially because their jobs are very hazardous.

Not only are they in the front lines and could easily die in an encounter with insurgents, they also face added difficulties in navigating difficult mountain terrain as well as possibly getting attacked by wildlife and even deadly disease-carrying insects!

Photo credit: Facebook/Rodrigo Duterte Supporters
Photo credit: Facebook/Rodrigo Duterte Supporters

Yan po ang mga SCOUT RANGERS natin na halos ilang buwan nang nasa mga FRONTLINES na hindi man lang makababa sa bayan para makakain ng masasarap na pagkain. Araw gabi nag iikot ang mga yan sa kabundukan para maging ligtas ang bansa natin sa mga masasama. Lamig sa gabi at init sa araw kayang titiisin ng mga yan at kahit medyo hindi dumadating ang supply hindi aatras ang mga yan sa laban. Kahit isang linggong encounter na walang atrasan hindi aatras ang mga SCOUT RANGERS natin. Marinig lang ng mga rebelde na may SCOUT RANGER na sa area pati anino nila nawawala.

NOTE: Bigyang PUGAY natin ang mga RANGERS natin na nasa mga FRONTLINES sa mga oras na to sinusugal ang buhay para ihatid sa impyerno ang mga masasamang tao.


– Rodrigo Duterte Supporters

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