Netizens Laughing at Papaya Allegedly Shaped Like a Carabao’s Head

A lot of people would believe anything and everything they see on the internet these days – after all, the internet is an excellent source of information; however, we warn everyone that, sadly, there are a lot of crazy and untrue things on the internet these days. Of course, many of us already know that yet there are still many who get duped into thinking that certain things, certain reports are true when they actually aren’t!

Now, take for example this papaya which was allegedly real and looks a lot like a carabao’s head. What do you think of this photo?

Photo credit: Facebook / Proud Pinoy
Photo credit: Facebook / Proud Pinoy

The ones who posted this snapshot claim that this papaya, shaped like a carabao’s head amazed them because it naturally formed that shape yet social media users were quick to point out that this was surely an edited photo – for how can a papaya grow into such a shape, without human intervention, anyway? Hmmmmm.

What do you think of this carabao-shaped papaya? Is it for real or simply an edited photo?