NEDA Believes a Family of Four Needs Php120k/month to Live a “Simple and Comfortable” Life

According to NEDA, aside from creating more high-paying jobs for its workforce, the country needs to improve everything else, including the providing socialized housing and development, creating tourist destinations nearer to populated areas so that families don’t have to spend a lot for recreation as they don’t have to travel far, improving education and health services, developing the countryside, and many others.

Do you go on road trips with the family?
Do you go on road trips with the family?

Such changes will need many years to be implemented – and NEDA targets that such might be attained in 2040! According to NEDA’s projections “by 2040 the Philippines shall be a prosperous, predominantly middle-class society where no one is poor. Our peoples will enjoy long and healthy lives, are smart and innovative, and will live in a high-trust society.

Let’s all hope for a better Philippines! Perhaps in 2040, most families will be earning Php120,000 per month…


  1. I think the figure is ridiculous for a simple and comfortable life.

    I’m from Singapore and with such a high cost of living in Singapore, many people are not even earning that amount.

    Giving such “false” figures may have repercussions. People may not really think that is the amount to live a simple and comfortable life. And if they are not having that, they may start to feel they are below par.. thus may resort to expectations from the government to assist them to earn such income or worst still, resort to crimes…

    My humble opinion only.

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