MMDA ‘Avengers’ Catch Pokemon Go Players ‘Trespassing’ Inside Their Pokemon Gym

Did you know that the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) building is supposedly designated as one of the PokeStops in Metro Manila, called the “Wallflowers Pokemon Gym”? Have you already caught a Pokemon and ‘trained’ it inside the MMDA’s Pokemon gym?

Well, before you all start trooping there, the MMDA has issued a statement banning Pokemon trainers from entering the building while wearing clothes deemed ‘inappropriate’, such as super short shorts, sando tops, and slippers.

If you think they’re not serious about catching those who are attempting to trespass inside their facility, they’ve released the first batch of ‘offenders’.

Photo credit: MMDA / Yugatech
Photo credit: MMDA / Yugatech

In a hilarious post that would surely brighten up your day, one of the admins posted a snapshot captioned, “[Admin 03] Just In: Sa MMDA gate pa lang ay naharang na ng MMDA Avengers ang grupo nina Ash, Misty, at Gary Oak na nagbabalak pumasok sa MMDA Bldg. upang manghuli ng mga Pokémon.” LOL!

What do you think of the MMDA’s gimmick?