LOOK: Faced with Difficult Mountain Terrain, These Filipino Cops Patrol the Hinterlands on Horseback!

While the Philippines has lots of beaches and water bodies, it also has plenty of mountains, ravines, and steep cliffs that are amazingly inhabited by thousands of people, despite the difficult situation in getting there!

One of these places can be found in Barangay Lumbia in Cagayan de Oro City set in the island of Mindanao, southern Philippines. Part of the city’s hinterland villages, the place is only accessible on foot or on horseback – this is the reason why cops of Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (COCPO) Station 8 do not go to the area on motorcycles or police patrol cars but use horses, instead.

Photo credit: PSeight Cocpo Facebook page / CDO Dev.com
Photo credit: PSeight Cocpo Facebook page / CDO Dev.com

Patrolling the area on horseback is the most reasonable thing to do, considering that the difficult mountain terrain is difficult for motorcycles to traverse. So, policemen assigned to the area must know how to ride a horse or should adapt to the challenges of the job and learn how to do it!

Quite recently, a series of photos went viral on social media after these were shared by PSeight Cocpo Facebook page.