LOOK: AiAi in Two Piece Swimsuit as She Jokes About Being the ‘101st Sexiest Woman’ on FHM Philippines’ List

There has been much controversy over the recently released list of 100 Sexiest Women in the country by FHM Philippines, especially because a lot of people do not agree with Jessy Mendiola being #1 on the list – and she made matters worse with her not-so-glamorous response to the issue.

But while social media users were not satisfied with the results and were bashing not just Jessy but also the magazine, others took the opportunity to simply have fun while also poking fun at the magazine.

Take for example comedienne AiAi de las Alas who recently posted a photo of herself in a two-piece bathing suit, posing for the camera, and claiming to be the 101st sexiest woman on the list – although the list was just for 100 women, of course.

Photo credit: Instagram/@msaiaidelasalas
Photo credit: Instagram/@msaiaidelasalas

She captioned the post with:

IN NGAYUN ANG FHM 100 sexiest .. Kung meron FHM 100 … Ako ang pang 101 FHM ?FIGHT HANGGANG MAUMAY … 101 dalmatian? Hahahhaa ayan na bebe boy @sanchovito sabi mo ilaban ko to INILABAN KO TALAGA .. Wohooo #masyaanglikersko #masmasayaangbashersko #basherskeepemcoming

But while her bashers might really be hitting her for the post, it really was just a joke and she clearly was having lots of fun. And judging from this photo, AiAi is truly one hot momma and could easily be the 101st sexiest woman in the Philippines! What do you think?