Jail Officer Earns Praise for Carrying Disabled Inmate on His Back because the Jail Didn’t have a Wheelchair

A jail officer in the Philippines has gone viral for doing something that is way above and beyond his call of duty.

Lacking the necessary facilities to transport a disabled inmate properly so the man could attend his hearing at the Regional Trial Court in Baloc, Sto. Domingo in Nueva Ecija, Philippines, the jail officer took it upon himself to carry the inmate on his back!

A video of him carrying the inmate made rounds on social media – and this was even re-posted by Facebook page, BJMP NHQ (Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, National Headquarters).

Screenshot of News 5 report
Screenshot of News 5 report

Although the jail officer was not identified in the video, commenters on the Facebook post said this was SJO1 Katwiran Lopez of Talavera Municipal Jail, Nueva Ecija. He’s already a senior jail officer yet SJO1 Lopez did not hesitate to give a helping hand to this disabled inmate.

While the act was unorthodox and some netizens were concerned that the inmate might do something bad, others were quick to point out that he could not even walk unassisted; thus, there was little chance that this guy would do something terrible – plus, the jail officer was surely someone kind for he readily carried the inmate on his back despite the man looking quite heavy and all.

Kudos to you, SJO1 Katwiran Lopez! May other officers of the law be just like you…