Is this the World’s Largest Pearl? 34-kg Pearl Found in Palawan and Turned Over to Tourism Office

Is this the world’s largest pearl? A 34-kg gigantic pearl was found and has recently been surrendered by a relative of a local fisherman to the Puerto Princesa Tourism Office, and right now, it is only waiting to be certified by the Guinness World Records as the new largest pearl in the world. Isn’t it amazing?

According to the Tourism Officer of Puerto Princesa city, Aileen Amurao, the gigantic pearl was kept by a fisherman in their house for almost 10 years but because they had to transfer to another house, they decided to give it to the office due to lack of space. The fisherman reportedly said that the giant clam pearl got stuck inside his fishing net while he was out fishing in the Palawan waters. What a lucky catch indeed! It measures 1 foot wide, 2.2 feet long, and weighing 34 kilograms. It is bigger than the latest gigantic pearl found also in the province in 2014, which only weighs 24.7 kilos, including the shells.


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