Hidilyn’s Win Leads to Shocking Discovery: “Onyok” Velasco Still Hasn’t Received His Php2.5M Cash Reward for 1996 Olympic Silver Medal!

The whole Philippines is still on celebratory mode because one of its athletes won a medal at the Summer Olympics in Rio! But while Hidilyn Diaz is set to receive Php5 million as cash reward for winning a silver medal in women’s Olympic weightlifting, her win led to a shocking discovery: that former Olympic silver medalist Mansueto “Onyok” Velasco Jr. still hasn’t received his!

Onyok won the silver medal in boxing during the Olympics back in 1996 – and as mandated by the law, he was set to receive Php2.5 million in cash plus other incentives and discounts for the rest of his life. This is for bringing honor to the country.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News
Photo credit: ABS-CBN News

Plenty of politicians also announced that they will give him rewards but 20 years later, most of these remained a promise and he still hasn’t received the Php2.5 million he was supposed to have gotten as soon as he went back to the Philippines after winning the Olympic medal!

In Hidilyn’s case, the monetary reward has doubled since Onyok’s win but is she going to experience the same fate as Onyok and wait decades before she could finally get her reward? Hopefully not!

Senate Minority Leader Ralph Recto who co-authored Republic Act 10699 (the National Athletes and Coaches Benefits and Incentives Act of 2015) said that to date, the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and relevant agencies still haven’t drafted the implementing rules and regulations as to how the monetary reward and incentives will be given to the athletes.

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