Former Laundrywoman and “Tuba” Delivery Girl Now Principal in a Prestigious University! What an Inspiration…

Born to a poor family whose dad sold “tuba” (coconut wine) and “amakan” (native material made of woven bamboo strips) and whose mom worked as laundrywoman and masseuse, who would have thought that she would become Asst. Prof. Brenda R. Boladola, the principal of Silliman University’s Senior High School?

This is the reason why Asst. Prof. Boladola is truly an inspiration to many – for despite her circumstances, she was able to turn her life around.

She was featured on Silliman University’s website as “Colleague of the Week” just in time for the Centennial Celebration of Silliman University High School.

Photo credit: Silliman University website
Photo credit: Silliman University website

The fifth of seven children, she used to help her parents earn a living. On the way to school, she and her siblings would help deliver “tuba” for their father. After school or during weekends, they would assist their mom in doing the laundry or help their dad make “amakan” in their humble home in Tapon Norte, San Jose, Negros Oriental in central Philippines.

Some of her siblings went to Manila to become domestic helpers after graduating from high school. She would have also followed their footsteps – as it was the trend in those days (and even to this day in many rural areas!) – but a neighbor encouraged her to continue with her studies.