Despite Having No Legs, This Hardworking Dad Lifts Heavy Sacks to Earn Money to Feed His 4 Kids

Parents would do anything and everything for their kids to live a good life even if they have to sacrifice everything, even their health. What we could only hope is for the kids to appreciate their parents’ efforts and find a way to pay them back by doing well in school and later finding a job so that their parents can rest and be able to enjoy the rest of their lives.

On Facebook page, Music for Jesus, a dedicated dad was featured because of his extra dedication for his kids. According to the post, this man works hard to earn a decent living even if he does not have legs for as long as he can feed his 4 children!

Photo credit: Facebook / Music For Jesus
Photo credit: Facebook / Music For Jesus

Kudos to you, sir!

We pray that you will always have good health and that your kids will grow up well so they can support you. We hope that soon you won’t have to carry heavy sacks to make a living but that the local government from wherever you are (wasn’t mentioned in the Facebook post) will provide you with a capital to start a business or to give you a job that won’t require you to lift heavy stuff!