‘Badjao Girl’ in PBB House Cries after Other Housemates Mocked Her Underwear and Passed it Around

‘Badjao Girl’ Rita Gaviola, one of the housemates in the recent Pinoy Big Brother edition, was just peacefully washing dishes in the kitchen by herself while the other housemates were laughing at something in the laundry area.

The girls were waving a pair of black thong panties around, laughing about how they were supposed to use it. Aside from waving it around, they also played with the panties and put it on their arms just like a bra strap.

Screenshot of PBB video / Facebook - Netizens
Screenshot of PBB video / Facebook – Netizens / Pinoy Big Brother Abs-Cbn

Realizing what the commotion was all about, Rita marched to the group and retrieved her underwear. She went back to the kitchen to wash the dishes – and her other housemates followed her one by one as they tried to apologize for their behavior but Rita burst into tears, telling them that she doesn’t like it when they play with her things.

Badjao Girl umiyak ng pinag laruan at pinag tawanan ng ibang housemates ang kanyang panloob. 🙁

If you are in the Philippines, watch the FULL episode on www.iwantv.com.ph
If you are outside the Philippines, watch the FULL episode on www.tfc.tv

Courtesy: Pinoy Big Brother Abs-Cbn, ABS-CBN, Endemol

Posted by Netizens on Saturday, August 13, 2016

Social media users took pity on Rita, calling out the other housemates for their rude behavior. Many believe that even if the girls claimed that they had no idea the panties were Rita’s, they still shouldn’t have played with it because it was a personal clothing item – and they surely wouldn’t be happy, either, if someone mocked and played with their things!

Poor Rita… Don’t give up, girl! We hope you win this PBB edition to show those mean girls that they aren’t better than you…

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