Australian Man Patiently Waited for Hours at the Airport to Personally Praise President Duterte!

While millions of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s fellowmen are bashing him and could only see bad in the things he does, there’s are some foreigners who are all praises for the headstrong and tough president of the Republic of the Philippines.

One of these foreigners comes from Australia – and he likes the president so much that when the latter went to Catbalogan City in Samar, central Philippines, the Australian national was among the thousands of people who waited for him at the airport!

The foreigner had these words to say to the president, “Hello Mr. President Duterte. I am from Australia, I wish you are our President!

Photo credit: Facebook / Rodrigo Duterte Supporters
Photo credit: Facebook / Rodrigo Duterte Supporters

The guy hasn’t been identified yet but he appears to be a real fan of the president and the Philippines. Aside from sporting a Duterte campaign baller, he also had the words “Mas Masaya sa Pilipinas (It’s more fun in the Philippines)” on his arm.

You rock, man! Whoever you are, thanks for appreciating our country and our president…


  1. With 91% of Filipinos trusting President Duterte, it might be correct to sta te that perhaps a little over a million would be bashing him. Anyway this Australian might have found something in President Duterte’s character appealing, which is a plus factor. Why not? Who doesn’t want change? Peace and prosperity? good governance? openness and truth? We all do, that is why…

  2. Not millions of fellowmen bashing the president…only those who not supporting especially LP GROUP,yellowtards Aquinos..

  3. in any case Duterte stands a good chance to get a lead role in the next installment of “The Purge” – given his track record as a president so far.

    • What do you know about Duterte and what he’s done in the last two months of his precidency? Did you know that the everyday deaths averaged at 35 before Duterte came to power? And that number has now gone down to an average of 20? That’s atleast a 40% drop. The media is controlled by drug lords who wants to stop Duterte’s proggress. As of July 16, 2016, just 16 days after Duterte took office, around 65,000 people, drug users and pushers, surrendered to the authorities. When has this kind of thing ever happened? This article says millions? Oh please. I ask you again, what do you know about our President?

      • I know a lot about him and I am proud of him, unlike our negro SOB, Son of whore that he really is. We can not wait till this trash has been taken out.

    • Don’t compare Duterte to Donald Trump sir. Because Duterte cares about his people and Trump cares about his money.

      • I will agree with you about president Deturte caring about his people but do not bash Trump so fast, at least give him a chance like we gave President Deturte a chance and we see he is doing what he said he will do. And we sure the hell do not want Hillary Clinton as president. She is a killer of her opposition, or anyone that do not agree with her.

  4. What are your basis in the “million of P.Du30 fellowmen” in your opening statement?Did you conduct a study?.. Do you have proof? or are your just one of them?

  5. millions bashing? i don’t think so! thousands lang yan, The yellow zombies can only pay so much. marami lang alter-ego yung mga keyboard warriors nila. sampu-sampu, bente-bente account.. mang-troll ka lang at make believe na marami kayo datung na.

  6. Saan mo nakuha yung source na “millions bashing”? Kung meron man, sana ipakita mo yung details that will support your statement. Misleading kasi pag sinabi mong ganun. #Presstitute ka’ng matatawag if you can’t prove it.

  7. Salute to you, foreigner Autralian! Unlike my fellowmen they like yellowtards who wish this country to be like hell and talk talk talk, no work done!

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