After Sharing Rather Strong Opinions Regarding Recent Issues, Atom Araullo Resigns as News Reporter

When news broke out that Atom Araullo has apparently resigned from his post as news reporter for ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs, netizens could not help but laud the actions because to them, this just shows that the reporter did not want to be biased – after all, reporters are supposed to be non-partisan and should only report facts, without sharing their own opinions on the news report (and we all know that only happens in an ideal world).

Atom will no longer appear on ‘TV Patrol’, ‘Bandila’, and ‘ANC’ but he has only resigned from reportorial duties. This means that he will still be seen on TV as host in ‘Umagang Kay Ganda’ and ‘Red Alert’.

A lot of reporters and media outlets have recently been labeled as biased for one-sided reporting or for showing their disapproval on certain issues, especially the controversial drug war headed by no less than the president.

It seems that Atom would rather lose his job as reporter than be labeled as biased! And this earned him praise on social media.

Photo credit: Gabby Cantero / Facebook - Atom Araullo
Photo credit: Gabby Cantero / Facebook – Atom Araullo

Atom is among those who are critical of the current administration’s policies, including President Rodrigo Duterte’s move to bury former president and dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, a cemetery supposedly reserved only for real heroes of the country.

Now that he has resigned from his post as field reporter, it is believed that Atom could now freely express his opinions without being dubbed as biased! Aside from retaining his hosting duties, however, Atom will be using his free time to possibly pursue his interest in making independent films, write a column in a major daily, and even complete his pending book projects, reveals Fashion Pulis.

What do you think of Atom’s resignation as field reporter for ABS-CBN News?


  1. It`s all about character and Atom Araullo has a great deal of it. That`s the difference between him and those reporters and newscasters who continue to cling to their job despite being obviously biased for or against important issues and personalities that are usual headlines.

  2. AH MAHAL NA KITA TALAGA ATOM HEHEHE another guy whom we can label…..”may bayag”… hats off…..God bless you in your future undertakings!!!

  3. Journalism isn’t supposed to be biased. You report facts of both sides of the stories and let the people make conclusion of their own. If you want to express your own opinion, write a book, or write and article under Opinion section.

  4. its good to express your opinion and to stand by it. at least he is consistent with his opinions, and this is the right move for him because as a reporter, you have to be neutral so that you can objectively report the facts as they unfold, unblemished by your personal opinions. some reporters in other countries actually choose not to vote during elections so that they can interview candidates fairly and in an unbiased fashion.

  5. Atom, “clap clap clap”…naalala ko rin yong exprience mo sa kasagsagan ng yolanda… I’m so proud of you!

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