Adorable Piglet Goes Viral of Learning to Balance and Walk Despite having Only Two Legs

Photo credit: Dennis Gabriel Alipio / Facebook

Disabilities also occur in the animal kingdom – and while many disabled animals often die in the wild because they couldn’t fend off for themselves when predators come or even feed themselves, there are those that also manage to cope with the situation.

In Bacarra, Ilocos Norte in the Philippines, a little pig with only two legs had managed to learn how to balance itself on its front legs and walk!

Photo credit: Dennis Gabriel Alipio / Facebook
Photo credit: Dennis Gabriel Alipio / Facebook

The adorable piglet was caught on camera walking on its two front legs – and the clip quickly went viral, with the piglet earning praise for its determination to walk despite its handicap.

Of course, this same handicap could pose a problem once it gets bigger as pigs tend to be heavy and its front legs just might not strong enough to carry the rest of its body. For sure, however, if this piglet grows and still manage to walk on its two front legs, it would once again become a viral hit!

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing that video!

Biik na dalawa lang ang paa,kinagigiliwan dahil nakatindig maglakad sa Bacarra, Ilocos Norte
(c) Dennis Gabriel Alipio

Posted by Netizens on Monday, August 29, 2016

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  1. Someone please help this piglet. He deserves to live and be provided some wheels or prosthetics. IF anyone knows the exact location, please rescue him and allow him to live his life at a a sanctuary because he deserves it. 🙁

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