13 Photos of Emergency Vehicles in Davao City that Filipinos Also Hope to Have in Their Cities

With the launching of 911 emergency hotline and 8888 citizen hotline, the Philippines has finally become among the few countries to have such an emergency hotline system but with it came a number of problems, including receiving more prank calls than legitimate ones as well as currently not having enough manpower and emergency vehicles to deploy in case there comes a huge natural disaster or some other tragedy.

Of course, with the system just being launched a few days ago and the country’s current budget not covering the project, it would take time before things will be at par with other countries – but netizens couldn’t help but wish that they can also have emergency vehicles similar to the ones already functioning in Davao City, the hometown of incumbent President Rodrigo Duterte and the first in the country to have the system (Davao had 911 for years!).

Check out some of the awesome rescue and emergency vehicles owned by Davao City. We definitely hope similar vehicles will reach our hometowns in the coming months…

I would surely feel secure knowing there’s a fleet of ambulances always ready to respond to anything…

Photo credit: Facebook/911 Philippines
Photo credit: Facebook/911 Philippines

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