Talented but Homeless, This Filipina Woman Sells Beautiful Paintings for Just Php15 (That’s Less Than Half a Dollar)!

While the work of renowned artists could fetch millions of pesos when sold to art collectors, one talented Filipina woman was selling hers for just Php15 (that’s less than half a dollar!) – from the sidewalk that becomes her home at night…

Jhalanie Matuan is homeless. The circumstances that led to her living in the streets are largely unknown and she keeps mum about the topic but she had always been artistic before she lived in the streets. One day, while scavenging for food, she found some broken art materials which rekindled her love for the arts.

She began making drawings which she sold for Php15 (around $0.32) in the streets. Her works are so good that many of these drawings get easily sold, allowing her to have more money than she’s ever had as a beggar living in the streets.

Photo credit: Proud Pinoy - Judy Ann Samorin / Facebook
Photo credit: Proud Pinoy TV – Judy Ann Samorin / Facebook

Her story would soon go viral on social media, thanks to netizen Judy Ann Samorin who shared photos of Jhalanie and her awesome artworks on Facebook. Plenty of netizens offered to help her and also to buy her not just food but also art materials so she could continue selling her work to earn money.

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