Spirit of Girl Who Died with Sibling in School Construction Mishap Allegedly ‘Possessed’ Seventeen Students in La Union, Philippines

In an undisclosed school somewhere in La Union, Philippines, last Monday, July 18, seventeen students began screaming and making violent movements after they were allegedly ‘possessed’ by the spirit of a girl who died with her sibling while the school was still under construction.

The students came from different sections and grade levels in the school but most of them claimed that they saw a bloody girl with long, black hair before passing out. It was in those blacked out moments that the students became violent and out of control.

One of the students, a Grade 9 girl, claimed that she saw the bloody girl before passing out; she would later repeatedly scream, “Yung kapatid ko! Namatay! ‘Yung kapatid ko! Maibabalik niyo ba yung buhay ng kapatid ko? Hindi! Hindi niyo maibabalik! Tinatawag namin kayo lagi, hindi kayo pumupunta! (My sibling died! My sibling died! Can you bring back my sibling’s life? No! We tried calling you but no one came to help.)”

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News
Photo credit: ABS-CBN News

While no one could verify whether there were children killed in an accident while the school was under construction, another student who also experienced the ‘possession’ claimed that the girl said her brother was trapped under the rubble of cement and hollow blocks when the building being constructed collapsed.

The teachers covered the children’s faces with black cloth to ‘drive away’ the evil spirit. To prevent the ‘mass possession’ from happening again, the school will have the classrooms blessed by a priest this Friday.

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