Pres. Duterte’s Reaction after Shaking Hands with Sen. de Lima has Netizens Laughing

President Rodrigo Duterte might be a tough guy and dubbed as “The Punisher” yet he can also be quite silly and funny if he wants to. There have been a number of hilarious videos of the president dancing to the tune of local hits (silly hits like “Buduts”) or even participating in funny skits with the Hey Joe! Show.

But, perhaps, the most hilarious of all was what he did during the SONA event after he shook hands with Sen. Leila de Lima, the former Justice Secretary, who remains one of his staunch critics.

During the event, as he was walking towards his place, he noticed the senator – but he had already taken a few steps away from her. So, he backtracked and shook her hands.

Photo credit: GMA News
Photo credit: GMA News

While that was one of the most honorable things he could have done, the president then walked away and pointed at de Lima before making a face!

Keen-eyed netizens did not miss the action and this sparked hilarious memes and comments about how this is “your reaction after seeing your basher”. Check out the video if you missed it during the main event: