Poor Japanese with a ‘Filipino Heart’ Struggles as Scavenger in the Philippines after Pinay Wife Abandoned Him for ‘Greener Pastures’

A Japanese guy named Kaoru who calls himself “Filipino at heart” was among the foreigners who came to the Philippines for a visit but stayed forever after being captivated by its beauty – and that of a Filipina’s heart.

Back in 2006, he would fly back to the Philippines every now and then, just for a visit and to enjoy the country’s marvelous sights. It was during one of those trips that he met a Filipina and fell in love with her.

Kaoru was so in love with this lovely Filipina that even when his family disowned him after he got her pregnant, he flew back to the Philippines to fulfill his duties as father to the child, a boy who would be named Reiji.

But it seems that his loved one wasn’t as in love with him as he was. When his money ran out, she ran away – leaving him with Reiji as she went off in search of greener pastures. She never came back.

Stuck in the Philippines with no money to raise his son, Kaoru was forced to become a scavenger just so he could feed and clothe his son. The Japanese guy would soon become a vendor, selling broomsticks from house to house.

This is how Kyren Khaiyir Durante met him. Touched by the Japanese guy’s sad story, Kyren posted it on Facebook in hopes that someone could come and help Kaoru and his son. According to Kyren, she would frequently buy lots of brooms from Kaoru even if she doesn’t need it because she takes pity on him. She also gave the old man some hand-me-down clothes from her father.

After the story went viral, the old man and his son received assistance from the local officials who helped build a nipa hut for the duo. An anonymous donor also gave Kaoru a bike while others helped send Reiji to school.

Proud Pinoy revealed that a Filipina woman married to a Japanese guy had promised to help communicate with the Japanese government for the repatriation of Kaoru and the naturalization of Reiji via jus sanguinis (determination of citizenship by blood, not by location of birth).

Watch their touching story here:


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