PHOTOS: Barred from Wearing Pompous Gowns and Grand Attires, Here’s What Attendees Wore to First Duterte

In the past years, the president’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) was among the top events in the Philippines, not just because it is the time when the country’s highest ranking official addresses the joint session of the Congress and the Senate as well as his/her countrymen (via live TV coverage) but it is also a fashion show of sorts, with the country’s political big guns and their wives attending the function in gala attire.

So, people not just await what the president says, they also check out what these attendees will be wearing – but the first SONA of the country’s 16th president, Rodrigo Duterte, vowed to be different. Instead of following tradition, everyone was told to wear their business attire!

Of course, it was not a strict order but the president surely did not want the event to be a fashion show. So, what did the attendees wear? Well, take a look at what the SONA attendees wore on Duterte’s first SONA…

The president wore a traditional barong Tagalog over corduroy pants (notice how he rolled up the sleeves on his shirt…)

Photo credit: Rappler - Francis R. Malasig/EPA
Photo credit: Rappler – Francis R. Malasig/EPA