Inday Sara ‘Records’ First Solo Single Entitled “Walang Forever”… I Didn’t Know President Duterte’s Feisty Daughter Can Also Be So Funny! LOL

When ‘First Lady’ and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte posted a photo of herself inside what appears to be a recording studio, captioning the photo that she’s recording her first single “Walang Forever”, social media went abuzz and netizens were divided over whether this was proper or whether they should simply just show support for the feisty daughter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

What they did not realize is that Sara, often affectionately called as “Inday Sara” by her constituents, was merely joking – and the recording artist joke was apparently made as an allusion to alleged drug trade bigwig Herbert Colangco’s infamous rockstar concert held inside the New Bilibid Prison (NBP), the country’s main prison located in Muntinlupa.

Still, having Inday Sara as recording artist might not be so bad; though we still haven’t heard her sing. After all, it is an open secret in the Philippines that you can become a ‘famous singer’ with double platinum albums as long as you are popular – and the Dutertes are quite popular these days!

Photo credit: Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio / Facebook
Photo credit: Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio / Facebook

Anyway, the joke didn’t sit well with some of Inday Sara’s constituents.

WTF! Magtrabaho po kayo mayor, 600T ang bumoto po sa inyo. Instead na magtrabaho kayo eh nung day 1 pa lang ay leave na agad. (Mayor, you should do your job because 600 thousand people voted for you. Instead of doing your job, you filed a leave of absence on day one.) We cannot entrust the affairs of the city to your incompetent brother,” certain Jason Gomez wrote. “Ang daming problema ang ating city na kelangan solusyonan agad, pls lang po trabaho na! (The city has a lot of problems that need to be solved fast; please do your job.)”

The feisty made a scathing reply to this.

“WTF mo rin ka. Matuto ka umintindi ng joke sa post at social media. Kaya nga ako nag leave kasi ayaw ko gawin personal ko na trabaho sa mga oras na bayad ng gobyerno!!! ikaw ang incompetent na commenter, buhay mo nasa facebook lang! magtrabaho ka na rin! (WTF to you, too. You should know how to determine jokes on social media. The reason why I filed a leave was because I didn’t want to work on personal matters during work hours that I am paid by the government. You are an incompetent commenter whose life revolves on Facebook! You should also get back to work!” Inday Sara wrote.

Joke or not, what do you think of Inday Sara becoming a recording artist?