Homeless Filipina Artist Gets Own Art Exhibit and Everything was Sold Out… Dreams Do Come True!

Remember the homeless Filipina artist who would draw awesome artwork and sell them for less than half a dollar from the streets of Manila? Well, Jhalanie Matuan got her big break after her story went viral on social media, thanks to people like Judy Ann Samorin who shared her story on Facebook last year.

An artist who also works in a gallery, Coco Torre, heard about Matuan’s story from friend Eric Madrazo. The two thought it would be a good idea to let the homeless woman have her own art exhibit but it would take them several weeks before they finally find the woman wandering in the streets of Manila.

According to Torre, after weeks of searching, he finally found Matuan sitting along the road – and it was her birthday on that day! He told her about the solo art exhibit he and his friend were planning for her but although she didn’t believe him at first, she agreed to do it.

Torre quickly announced the upcoming event on Facebook – and hundreds arrived at A Space Manila for the homeless woman’s solo art exhibit! Mere hours after the exhibit opened, most of the 40 artworks displayed were already sold out! As Torre promised, all proceeds of the sales went to her so she could have a fresh start at life…

The incredible turn of events shocked Matuan who revealed that she would use the money earned from the exhibit to return to her hometown in Iloilo, central Philippines where she would buy a lot and build a house for her family.

In time, she might go back to Manila where her fame started but for now, her family is her top priority. Good luck to you, Ma’am!

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