First Jollibee Store in Chicago Area Wows Diners with Giant Bucket of Chicken Joy on Opening Day

How many crispy Chicken Joys can you eat in one sitting? Well, if you have a giant bucket of this crispylicious fried chicken from Jollibee right in front of you, I’m willing to bet you can indulge yourself in more than just one piece!

For its first store location in the Midwest area, particularly in Chicago, the Filipino fast food chain, Jollibee, created a giant bucket filled with its iconic fried chicken for its first diners to enjoy on opening day.

To formally open the store, Jollibee executives took pieces of Chicken Joy from the giant bucket to make the ceremonial toast! What a delicious toast that must have been! Yum! Yum! Yum!

Photo credit: NBC Chicago
Photo credit: NBC Chicago

The store in suburban Skokie in Chicago was jam-packed with Filipinos who arrived at the store not just to eat the fried chicken [for there are lots of other restaurants offering fried chicken, after all] but to also enjoy the taste of home in these iconic foods from the popular Filipino fast food chain.

Aside from the iconic fried chicken, this Jollibee store also offers other menu favorites, such as the sweet-style Jollibee spaghetti garnished with hot dog slices.

Of course, the store’s grand opening wouldn’t be complete without the Jollibee mascot showing off his dance skills to the tune of the store’s iconic Filipino theme song.

Check out more photos of the giant Chicken Joy bucket from the opening day of Jollibee’s 34th store in the US: