China Destroys Tons of Bananas Amid Feud with the Philippines

Labeling tons of bananas from the Philippines as ‘unfit for consumption’ due to alleged high levels of pesticides, China has destroyed crates of bananas and buried these in a pit – while workers wore full gear, complete with masks, to prevent their bodies from being contaminated by the ‘toxic’ bananas.

But social media users from the Philippines are crying foul over the accusation that bananas produced in the country are unfit for consumption due to being ‘filled with chemicals’ from pesticides.

Photo credit: Alalam
Photo credit: Alalam News

Many believe that China’s destruction of the bananas stem from the feud between the two countries (and others surrounding the area) over the West Philippine Sea (formerly known as the South China Sea).

Considering that there are more reports of food scandals from China compared with those in the Philippines, a lot of Filipinos believe that the Chinese were merely destroying the bananas to get back at the smaller country for what it is calling as ‘bullying’ in the sea dispute.

Watch the Chinese workers destroying tons of ‘contaminated’ bananas in this video:

China and Philippines feuding over trade and territoryChina just destroyed 40 tons of bananas as part of a feud with the Philippines

Posted by NowThis on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

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  1. How I wish they could be sendt to Norway so we could eat them!!!!! Philippino bananas are great!!

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