After Clean-up of Baclaran and Divisoria, Photo of Clean Alabang Amazed Filipinos on Social Media

He wasn’t a fan of President Rodrigo Duterte but after hearing news of the clean-up of street markets in Baclaran and Divisoria (top shopping meccas for cheap goods in the Philippines) as well as personally witnessing the amazing change in Alabang, Muntinlupa, netizen John Paul Ampongan confessed that he now believes in the president.

Ampongan was probably among the many who doubted that Duterte can truly inspire change in the country and excel in the difficult job of being president of a troubled country yet he is now among the converted ‘believers’ who realized that the president is doing his best to keep his campaign promises and to ‘clean up’ the country the best way he could.

Duterte has inspired or ordered change in many aspects in the government as well as bring physical change in the streets, such as what happened in Baclaran and Divisoria.

Photo credit: Facebook / John Paul Ampongan
Photo credit: Facebook / John Paul Ampongan

Third to change was Alabang – and it had something to do with the president actually going to Muntinlupa to inspect what was causing the regular heavy traffic in the area. Upon seeing the vendors overcrowding the streets and hogging the sidewalks, Duterte zoomed to the office of Mayor Jaime “Jimmy” Fresnedi where he was reportedly barred from entering at first because no one recognized him as we was wearing a helmet.

When his identity was revealed, the guards rushed to assist him to the mayor. He told Fresnedi that he wanted no vendors clogging the streets as they can sell inside the market. Hours later, the change Duterte wanted was quickly implemented and visible to everyone who passed by.

[UPDATE – Duterte’s personal visit to Muntinlupa turned out to be a hoax report created by the blog, Trending PH, but the photo of the clean Alabang is for real.]

Ampongan, who has been a resident in the area for 10 years, was among those who were pleased by this change. He wrote on social media how he was amazed that Duterte was able to clean up the area and that it was actually possible to do so, something that had never been done before.

Change is coming? Indeed! We’re only hoping this change will also hit other parts of the country and won’t just be a temporary thing… Looking forward to a cleaner Philippines!


  1. Let me explain something. It’s because they FEAR him. Kind of like a child that fears the parent. They know the parent loves them, but also knows the parent will discipline them when needed. Moreover, they know he means what he say’s. Getting on the wrong side of President Duterte would not be advisable or smart. Great job Mr. President! God Bless! 🙂

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