Heroic Dog Saves Her Owner’s Life By Attacking a Cobra in Their Home

Dogs are called as a man’s best friend without a reason. Every day, they are by our sides serving as faithful companions. When we are feeling sad or scared, happy or excited, they react accordingly and share the emotion with us.

There is nothing sadder than seeing our pet, which is already part of the family, pass away. It is exceptionally hard for social media user Jego Macs, whose heroic dog died in front of him after saving his family’s life.

Saved Her Owners’ Lives

Jego’s fur baby, Moana, is a cross breed between a Shih Tzu and a Chihuahua. She will be remembered by her family not only because she is an adorable dog but because she is a very loyal one, up to the point of risking her life.

Everything started when Jego was busy watching TV and Moana was resting near the foot of the staircase. Suddenly, she started barking. Her owner paid her no attention, thinking that she’s just playing. However, the dog did not stop barking and she appeared to be struggling with something.

When Jego decided to check the situation, he was surprised to see that Moana has a massive cobra in her mouth! Jego took over and killed the snake. He also started checking the heroic dog for any injuries from the snake.

[Image Credit: Jego Macs / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Jego Macs / Facebook]

Unfortunate Ending

Although he suspected that the snake bit Moana, he couldn’t believe what happened next. Unfortunately, it did not take long before Moana’s heroic act cost her (her) life. Heartbroken, the pet owner thanked his dog for saving not only his life but the whole family.

Bilib ako sa kanya dahil sinagip nya buhay namin ng pamilya ko kahit sobrang liit nyang aso.

[Image Credit: Jego Macs / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Jego Macs / Facebook]
He also told fur parents to continue loving their pets because they love us more than their lives.

Kaya mahalin nyo aso nyo kasi matatalino talaga sila at kaya kayong sagipin kahit isalba pa buhay nila, dahil mas mahal nila tayo kesa sa sarili nila!

Impressed netizens expressed their admiration and condolences for the family. Some cannot help but share their experiences as fur parents and how devastating it can feel.

[Image Credit: Jego Macs / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Jego Macs / Facebook]
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I was watching tv then yung aso ko panay tahol na para bang may kinukuha sa baba ng hagdan namin so dinedma ko lang….

Posted by Jego Macs on Wednesday, April 11, 2018


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