Newly Graduate Dedicates His Success and Diploma to His Parents Who Passed Away

One of the biggest milestones in the parents and students’ lives is to march on a graduation event and receive a college diploma. After several years of hardship, seeing your child wearing toga can take all the hardship away. Every little sacrifice that the parents and students did will be paid immediately during the big day.

Finally, after four years of studying and working hard, a student finally received his college diploma. With some parents who are celebrating happily with their newly graduates, for this student, unfortunately, he marched alone.

Orphaned at a very young age, Nins Torreon Auguis’ parents were not able to guide him and instill the importance of education in his mind. His father passed away when he was still in Grade 1. After three years, a horrible accident took his mother’s life. Thankfully, the lessons and guidance that they have stayed with him until he reached the tender age.

Fulfilling His Promise

Instead of just staying in the corner and weeping, Nins focused all his energy and efforts on his education. When he was still a child, he pledged to pursue his studies, despite the tragedy that loomed over his life. He chose to deliver his promise to his parents until the end.

On his viral post, the student celebrated his achievement besides the tombstones of his beloved parents. He was smiling happily and was bright-eyed beside his loved ones. Since he still wanted to share his big day with his family, even if he’s running late for the ceremony, he still decided to spend some time at the graves of his deceased parents.

[Image Credit: Nins Torreon Auguis / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Nins Torreon Auguis / Facebook]

Inspiring Other Students

Nins’ post touched the hearts of many parents and students. Many students also shared that their success is thanks to the support of their family and hard-working parents.

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Hai ma and pa! Nalate jd q sa graduation ky nidalikyat pmn jd q ug anhi ninyo. HeheheMa, mao nani ma ang ako…

Posted by Nins Torreon Auguis on Friday, March 23, 2018


We are sure that your parents are very proud of your achievements while watching you from above, Nins. Congratulations on your graduation!