Muhlach Ensaymada is Giving Away 500 Ensaymada to the Home for the Aged If This Post Will Reach the Target Number

When we check our social media pages, we usually see stories of harassment, bullying or crimes. A lot of people, especially those working as Overseas Filipino Workers, are using social media as a medium to call for social awareness. But if you’re not aware, social media is also used to aid other people too.

Can you still remember the Likes, Shares, and Comments Challenge which became famous last year? This challenge is used by several people to gain free food or items from different business establishments. However, since there are some people who were using it for their selfish gains, it started to lose its popularity.

A netizen named Noel E. Oraña decided to use this challenge to help share the joy of delicious Muhlach Ensaymada to the elderly people of the Home for the Aged.

[Image Credit: Noel E. Oraña / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Noel E. Oraña / Facebook]

The Good Samaritan

Noel E. Oraña is a netizen who aims to help and give instant joy to the grandmothers and grandfathers of the Home for the Aged by giving them a taste of Muhlach Ensaymada. It may look like a small gesture for us, but for the elderly people who were left on their own in the establishment, it means so much more.

Noel posted the screenshots of his conversation with Muhlach Ensaymada. They will grant his request of giving 500 pieces of the snack to the Home for the Aged is he reaches the target likes, shares, and comments.

Hello po sa mga nais maging bahagi ng kasiyahan ng ating mga lolo't lola's na kahit papano ay mapangiti naten sila sa…

Posted by Noel E. Oraña on Friday, March 23, 2018

Target: Reached!

The post touched the hearts of people and in just a few hours, he was able to reach and surpass the target of 1,000 likes, 1,000 comments, and 500 shares. The grandparents of the Home for the Aged will enjoy an afternoon treat.

Hats off to Noel and Muhlach Ensaymada! Thank you for touching our hearts and for treating our grandparents in the Home for the Aged. Happy 25th Anniversary to Muhlach Ensaymada too!