Call for Help: Baby Phoebe Marie Needs Breast Milk Supply Since Her Mother Passed Away After Giving Birth

Breast milk is best for your baby. The benefits of breastfeeding extend more than just the basic nutrition for your little one. It does not only have all the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that the baby needs during his or her first six months, it is also packed with disease-fighting substances that protect the baby from any diseases.

All medical and health organizations recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the baby’s first six months. Breastfeeding also boosts your child’s intelligence and improves the infant’s IQ.

However, what will happen if the mother does not have breastmilk to provide for the baby?

[Image Credit: Nelson Kwok / flickr]
[Image Credit: Nelson Kwok / flickr]

Call for Help

In a Facebook post, Monica St Augustine is requesting for prayers for the eternal repose for the sudden demise of Giki Oliveros Cabanayan. After giving birth to her baby girl via C Section, the new mother, unfortunately, will not be able to guide her baby anymore.

Monica described Giki as a sweet, gentle, and kind person who was like one of her own children. She’s still very young before she passed away. The family needs prayers to get the strength and comfort during this difficult time.

Giki’s baby girl, Baby Phoebe Marie, is alive and well. The family is requesting for breast milk supply for the baby who just lost her mother.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
If you are interested to help Baby Phoebe Marie, you may send it to this address:

Addressed to Dr. Zoom Perez

Once the breast milk supply is delivered, kindly send Doc Zoom a message at 639209277012.

You may read the story here:

Shocked and saddened over the news of the sudden demise of Giki Oliveros Cabanayan, daughter of HS classmate Osang…

Posted by Monica St Augustine on Thursday, March 22, 2018


How To Donate Breast Milk

If you already know how to collect milk through hand expression or if you have a breast pump at home, donating breast milk will be easy. You’ll need disposable milk bags and an insulated bag or a cooler to keep the milk chilled and frozen upon delivery.

1. Donated breast milk is typically stored in disposable milk bags or food-grade polypropylene plastic or glass containers with leak-proof lids. Keep the container only 3/4 full to allow milk expansion when frozen.
2. Make sure to label the containers properly. Include the date and time of expression.
3. Store the filled milk bags in the freezer until you reach the milk bank.