This Guy Gets Ignored at Other Stores for Dirty Appearance, Finds Help in Kind OPPO Sales Lady

In the Philippines and many parts of the world, discrimination often exists especially in business establishments.

More often than not, dirty and ‘poor’-looking people get ignored in stores; worse, they are quickly ushered out as the sales staff often think they might ‘turn off’ or scare other customers from entering the shop. On the other hand, ‘rich’-looking people get the best treatment, with all of the store’s sales associates trying their best to please this customer

One man received such discrimination while looking for a phone.

Looking dirty and sporting an unkempt haircut, this guy went inside cellphone shops but was allegedly ignored by the staff when he asked about the phones they are selling. He didn’t let those rejections break his spirit; he just went on to find another shop.

Photo credit: Pinky Baylosis / Facebook

It was at an OPPO outlet that he was entertained by the pretty sales lady named Pinky Baylosis. She looked beyond his looks and bad smell, demonstrating an OPPO A47 to him worth Php6,990 ($135).

The guy told her he had gone to other stores but the sales staff didn’t show him the phones; perhaps thinking he had no money to buy the items or, worse, they probably thought he was going to steal the phone if they let him hold one.

But he was still all smiles about his situation but felt happier that he was entertained by Pinky. He apologized that he only had Php100 and Php50 bills to pay for the phone because he had been saving some money from his wages. Admirable, isn’t he?

He decided to buy the OPPO A47 – and his money was actually enough to pay for the gadget!

Pinky went viral for not discriminating this guy. If only everyone treated everyone else in the same manner, the world will surely be a better place!

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