Pinay DH Allegedly Escapes ‘Kind’ Employers in Kuwait, Leaves Note and Passport Behind

The Filipino community has become worried over the alleged escape of yet another Pinay domestic helper, especially because she supposedly left a note to her ‘kind’ employers in Kuwait but also left her passport behind.

What’s gotten a lot of Filipinos worried is that the Filipina domestic helper found frozen in an abandoned apartment in Kuwait had been reported by her employers to have absconded or escaped from their household at around the same day she was murdered.

Another overseas Filipino worker (OFW) named Elsa Tiqui shared photos of the ‘escaped’ domestic worker’s passport and alleged letter.

Photo credit: Elsa Tiqui / Facebook

In her letter, Sarah Derla apologized to her employers for escaping, saying that while they were good to her, she could not take care of their baby because she keeps thinking of her own child left in Manila with her sister.

Sarah supposedly escaped because she had no idea how to tell her employers about wanting to go back home. She also took one month salary in advance, the letter revealed.

According to Elsa, Sarah’s employer hoped she safely made it to the Philippine Embassy. They are also willing to take her back or even send her passport to her if she really wants to go home.

But the letter was met with much skepticism by the Filipino community. Many believed that the employers were the ones who wrote the letter and that they must have been the ones responsible for her disappearance.

Photo credit: Elsa Tiqui / Facebook

Many said that anyone who wants to escape would surely bring his/her passport as that is the single most important document you need when traveling from one country to another, especially in super strict countries like those in the Middle East but others pointed out that most employers actually hold their domestic workers’ passports.

Some netizens accused Elsa of being paid by Sarah’s employers to supposedly make them look good but she told bashers that she was only helping out and didn’t have vested interest in the situation, especially because she has her own family in Kuwait.

Do you think this letter and Sarah’s supposed escape are legit? We certainly hope so!

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