Photo of Alleged Killers of Pinay Found in Freezer Goes Viral on Social Media as Filipinos Call for Justice

The remains of slain Pinay domestic helper Joanna Demafelis have arrived in the Philippines but justice remains elusive as her alleged killers are still at large.

All evidence point to her former employers as the primary suspects for her murder, especially because she was found inside the freezer at their apartment in Kuwait before the two fled the country after facing charges for check fraud.

Police have identified Lebanese man Nader Issam Assaf and his Syrian wife Mona Hassoun as the primary suspects for Demafelis’ murder but their current whereabouts are still unknown.

Photo credit: Arab Times Online

Aside from being the tenants of the apartment where she was found, the landlord revealed Assaf had specific instructions for them not to open the unit as there were valuables inside.

The couple had also reported that Demafelis had run away in November 2016, possibly around the same time she was killed. Moreover, another Pinay at a neighboring unit told cops that Demafelis had been abused on a regular basis.

But local media were able to interview Assaf’s mother. She claimed that the last time she saw her son was at a police station in Syria some 10 months ago; although she didn’t elaborate why they were there.

She claimed her son is sick and had to undergo a heart bypass but he called her 2 months ago to tell her his wife had given birth to a baby.

Slain domestic worker Joanna Demafelis
Photo credit: Konnie Moments / Joanna Demafelis – Facebook

But Assaf’s mother is not friends with his wife. In fact, the older woman accused her daughter-in-law of being the one who killed Demafelis, saying she had witnessed how her son’s wife abused the domestic worker.

She told reporters she saw Hassoun grab Demafelis by the hair before slamming her head on the wall.

The mother also claimed she advised her daughter-in-law to return Demafelis to the agency but the latter ignored her. Because they didn’t get along during her supposed vacation with the couple in Kuwait, she went back to her home country even before her visa expired.

But Assaf’s mother denied she knows where he and his family are living now.

The Interpol is now looking for the couple; although netizens are also trying their best to help by sharing the photo of the couple, in hopes that they will be apprehended soon so that justice will be served for Demafelis.

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