Netizen Posts a Video Clip Showing Maggots in a Popular Canned Tuna

It’s kind of normal for us to see posts from different netizens showing some disgusting objects. Sometimes maggots were found inside different products which we can purchase from any grocery stores.

Another concerned netizen named, Nicole Clerigo recently posted on her Facebook account a video of disgusting maggots she found inside of a popular tuna brand.

Image: Philippine News

She claimed on her post that she was about to eat her breakfast and opened a can of corned tuna and found these live maggots in the contents of the canned good. It was really surprising to find such creatures knowing that this is a popular brand and the expiration date says November 28, 2020.

The video has a caption of:

“Pasintabi po sa mga kumakain! Friends! Please BE AWARE!!!!

Yuck! Sobrang Nakakadiri! San Marino Corned Tuna Totoo pala ito! Magaalmusal sana. Pag bukas ng delata ito ang nakita!!!!! Nakakawalang gana! Umagang umaga!!!! Nakakasuka!! 😡😡😡San Marino Corned Tuna


Image: Philippine News

According to Philippine News, the video footage gained 773,991 views and over 1061 shares from the time of their writing.

Some netizens were speculating that the can might have leaked because usually, the box containing the canned goods were being tossed making the cans damaged causing the worms to infest.

Some netizens say that the user just wants fame. She could’ve brought the product from the manufacturer instead of posting it.

The user deleted the video already.

We do hope that this issue will be resolved. What can you say about this?