Young OFW Confesses to Being ‘Under-aged’, Reveals Her Dad was Murdered That’s Why She’s Forced to Work for Family

A lot of people living in the Philippines know that justice is very slow in the country and many poor folks don’t even find justice at all because they have no money to pursue the case in court. In the end, these families have to give up trying to seek justice because they know they could never find it.

A young overseas Filipino worker (OFW) named Narissa Sulaiman recently made an online confession about being ‘under-aged’ but happy that she found a kind employer who knew her real age and was willing to help her out.

Photo credit: Narissa Sulaiman / Kwentong OFW – Facebook

According to Narissa, her father died 10 years ago when she was still in Grade 2. While they knew who shot him, they had no way of winning the case because they didn’t have money; they eventually decided to simply let the matter go.

Even as a child, Narissa saw her mother’s suffering and her exhaustion in working while trying to raise her children by herself. She vowed to help her mother as she hated seeing her mother having a very difficult time.

Photo credit: Narissa Sulaiman / Kwentong OFW – Facebook

She wasn’t able to finish her education but found a way to circumvent the minimum age requirement for OFWs. It was a good thing she got lucky with her employer, having found one who was not just kind and generous but easily understood her situation.

Photo credit: Narissa Sulaiman / Kwentong OFW – Facebook

According to Narissa, her employer knows her real age and even gave her money to celebrate her birthday. She also feels thankful that the other Filipinos in the household are as kind and understanding as their employer, acting as her second moms and aunts while she’s away from her mother.

Photo credit: Narissa Sulaiman / Kwentong OFW – Facebook

As she recalls the times when her family only has salt to eat with rice, Narissa feels happy that she was given this opportunity to work abroad and provide a better life for her family. She vows to help her siblings finish their studies and to someday build a house for her mother.

Good luck and God bless you, Narissa!

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