Woman Orders Food Enough for Two, Pretends to Sleep So She Won’t be Asked to Pay

A woman was recently arrested for her rather unique ‘eat-and-sleep’ modus operandi, victimizing at least two restaurants in Metro Manila.

While a lot of Pinoys often joke about doing the ‘eat-and-run’ route wherein they would eat quickly at a party or event but couldn’t stay long and have to go but this woman, identified as a certain Rozzete Bartolome, had other plans.

Photo credit: Rea Ramirez Florentino / Trending Pinoy Videos – Facebook

According to Rea Ramirez Florentino, the woman was recently apprehended at the Pancake House for ordering a lot of food to celebrate with her boyfriend but the guy never arrived. It turned out this was part of her modus operandi so she could order plenty of food.

It is unknown why she even had to order so much food when she wouldn’t pay for the items, anyway.

Photo credit: Rea Ramirez Florentino / Trending Pinoy Videos – Facebook

After eating to her heart’s content, the woman pretended to fall asleep while ‘waiting’ for the guy who didn’t arrive. Because the phantom boyfriend didn’t arrive, she was unable to pay the order, she later explained to the restaurant staff who had her arrested.

They would soon learn that this was not the first time she did this as she had allegedly victimized Max’s Restaurant as well.

Photo credit: Rea Ramirez Florentino / Trending Pinoy Videos – Facebook

Some netizens couldn’t help but comment that this woman had a rather hilarious modus operandi as she could have just gotten out of the restaurant after eating because there was still a lot of food on the table and the staff might not even notice she was no longer ‘waiting’ for her boyfriend to arrive.

Others were quite angry at Pancake House for having her arrested, saying the restaurant serves overpriced meals and wouldn’t really lose a lot of money if they fed her. Many commented that the woman shouldn’t be judged for doing this, saying she wasn’t really stealing but was only trying to eat.

A number of netizens pointed out, however, that while she didn’t steal money or belongings, she had technically stolen food and if the staff had let her go without reporting the matter to the police, they would be the ones who have to pay for her order – and she did order a lot of things!