Star Image Reveals New Face of Marlou Arizala, Welcomes Xander Ford as Newest ‘Dream Guy’

When internet sensation and former Hasht5 member Marlou Arizala announced that he would ditch his former ‘ugly’ image in favour of a new persona named Xander Ford, a lot of people refused to believe there were cosmetic surgeons so skilled to fully transform his face to that of a ‘dream guy’.

But weeks after going under the knife for several cosmetic procedures, the new face of Marlou Arizala was revealed – and the doubters were shocked! The multiple surgeries worked!

Who would have thought that someone like Marlou could become a dream guy like Xander? Well, surgery can do that to you – and this was met with mixed reactions not just from the fans but also from his family.

Photo credit: PEP

In a special episode of “Rated K”, fans bid goodbye to Marlou and welcomed Xander – and everyone was shocked at his transformation.

While Star Image Artist Management had previously announced that Marlou would undergo extensive surgeries to look better, no one was prepared for his gorgeous new look! Those surgeons really did wonders to this young star’s face.

Aside from getting his nose and lips altered, the funny guy also had his chin, teeth, and eyebrows fixed. His previously pockmarked face is so smooth now that his photos sparked memes that included popular household products that supposedly cleared his rough skin.

Marlou/Xander revealed that the operations were painful but he willingly went through all the pain because he had always dreamed of becoming a hunk and changing himself. He didn’t think this dream would ever become a reality…

Photo credit: Star Image Artist Management / Facebook

According to the ‘renewed’ actor, he felt the need to change his face and name so people would also change their opinion about him.

His father had mixed feelings about it, saying he was glad that his son looks so handsome now but also felt sad that the boy who looked almost exactly like him is gone forever.

But Marlou/Xander is excited for what is to come, saying he hopes this new image would bring him more projects so he could help take his family out of poverty.

Watch the big reveal here: