Overweight Woman Transforms into Sexy Lady By Just Eating Skyflakes Every Day

Most women want to have a sexy body to appear more attractive and pretty.  In their desire to have a body they dream of, they would resort to different ways to trim down their body weight.  Common of which are dropping their unhealthy meals and engaging in tedious exercise until they achieve their desired body shape and weight.  However, for this one woman, her secret in having a sexy body is as simple as just eating crackers and drinking a lot of water each day.

A post on the Facebook account of a certain EJ Curamen caught the attention of many netizens who were amazed by how an overweight woman like her ended up having a sexy body.  Many women desired to achieve what she had and thought of doing exactly what she did.

In just a few days, her post had gone viral on social media.

Photo : EJ Curamen/Facebook

According to EJ, she was not self-conscious of her body weight before as she would eat 4-5 times a day which made her weigh 177 lbs.  Until  one day, she realized she wasn’t happy anymore in being overweight and thought of doing something about it.

In fact, she was not spared from bullying by her family and friends.

Photo : EJ Curamen/Facebook

EJ claimed she was lazy to do exercise and go to the gym just like what other women do to lose weight.  She then tried and explored different ways on how to lose weight without having to shed so much effort.  Until finally, she came with the idea of just eating Skyflakes and drinking a lot of water.

She documented her journey towards being fit and fab with eating crackers and drinking lots of water each day.

Photo : EJ Curamen/Facebook

EJ attested it was all worth it as sacrificing not to eat delicious foods, including sweets which she avoided while dieting brought tangible results to her body.

Photo : EJ Curamen/Facebook

She was happy to share her photos on social media with her intention of inspiring other women who were also dreaming of having a sexy body.

Photo : EJ Curamen/Facebook

EJ encourages overweight women not to lose hopes as just like her, it is still possible that they will be able to achieve their desired body weight.

Photo : EJ Curamen/Facebook

As of this writing, EJ only weighs 120 lbs which she maintains and enjoys.

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