Another Modus Operandi Calls and Pretends That Your Family Member Was Arrested

Karen Hernandez posted on her Facebook account another kind of modus operandi on how crooks steal money from innocent victims.

She said that she was awakened by a phone call saying that her aunt was arrested. She didn’t think that it was a modus operandi as the call knows the full name of her aunt; that’s why she believed it was true.

Based on her post, the caller said that her aunt was arrested because she hit the car of a certain Chinese businessman and his child was gravely injured. Her aunt was supposedly going to an emergency meeting before the accident.

What’s different about this modus is they pretended to be the aunt, police, and attorney.

According to her post, she spoke to her ‘aunt’ but returned to the policeman because her aunt can’t speak properly; it seems like there’s a cotton inside her mouth. The caller instructed not to tell anyone what is happening as per her aunt’s instructions because she doesn’t want to bother and make their family members worried, she just agreed and followed the orders.

Then she spoke to another person who was pretending to be an attorney and said that the Chinese businessman is willing to make amends only if they will give them financial assistance for the child’s hospital bills.

Photo: Karen Hernandez via Facebook

She pleaded them not to show the incident to the media because she believes her aunt didn’t mean to harm them. So this ‘attorney’ asked them to just pay them so that her aunt will be free but she was instructed not to tell anyone as they will all be dead.

“Caller: So yan pumayag na si atty. may [sinulat] [ulit] [dito] tita mo ‘alam kong mapagkakatiwalaan ka talaga, dahil pumayag na si atty na iurong yung kaso, may pera dyan sa cabinet sa may [jewelerybox’] (nagtataka ako dto. Unang una wala [kaming] cabinet , [pangalawa] wala [din] [kaming] [jewelrybox]. Pero dahil s tuliro na nga ako naghanap ako sa wala)”

(Attorney agreed [not to push with her aunt’s case], your aunt wrote something here she said ‘I know I can trust you because attorney agreed to make amends, there is money hidden in the cabinet and a jewellery box. Although I know that we have no cabinet and a jewellery box, I still find it because I’m panicking.)

She said to the caller that there’s not jewelery box and she was instructed to go to another room which was locked, they asked her to forcibly open the door with a screwdriver and a hammer so she can break the door, her aunt will be the one to explain what happened after.

Photo: Karen Hernandez via Facebook

She spends almost 15 minutes finding money which she can’t seem to find anywhere. As soon as she went back to the telephone, no one seemed to answer, she tried to redial the phone but no one’s ringing.

Ten minutes after the hoax phone call, her aunt came home.

Let us be vigilant to all the phone calls, relax and if, by any chance (but we hope not) you experience this kind of modus, you can alert the police so they can catch these culprits.

DUN SA HAUP NA TUMWAG S BAHAY, MAKAKARMA KA DIN HAUP KA !!!Mas matindi pa to s prankcall. Di ko akalain mabibiktima…

Posted by Karen Hernandez on Monday, October 23, 2017