WEIRD: Grab Drivers Get Booking to Transport Dead Bodies to Batangas Port

We all know how heartbreaking it can be to have a loved one die, especially if they are far away from home. Most families prefer to have the dead bodies of their family members brought to their hometown even if that means spending a lot of money as such cargoes aren’t exactly cheap to transport.

Faced with problems in transporting the dead bodies, however, some families have turned to ride-hailing apps – and that’s something that is really unfair to the drivers of this transport network companies.

After all, if they cancel the booking, they would receive bad ratings – but who would willingly transport a dead body, anyway?

Photo credit: Free Malaysia Today

Recently, bookings to transport dead bodies have been received by a number of Grab drivers. While the bookings aren’t exactly dubious, the nature of the request is rather strange and the drivers faced the dilemma of accepting or refusing the booking as doing the latter could affect their ratings.

In one of the bookings, someone requested for a 6-seater GrabCar to transport a cadaver from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to Batangas Port, about 100 km away.

This person was willing to pay a fixed fare of Php3,263 but even with this amount, we doubt if the driver would agree to the booking.

Photo credit: @annakareninaTM / Twitter

But the other booking is worse as the dead body still came from a hospital – that means that in all likelihood, the dead body hasn’t been embalmed yet!

This booking was even weirder because the person who requested a GrabCar told the driver that the dead body will be his only passenger for the trip.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News Channel / Twitter

The booking was made from Mission Hospital in Cainta, Rizal to Batangas Port, about 110 km away. The fixed rate was Php2,840.

If you were these Grab drivers, would you accept these bookings? I might accept the one from NAIA but the other one from the hospital is something I would definitely refuse! Creepy…