Pinay in Saudi Dies after Doctor Allegedly Refused Treatment Because She was ‘Just Pretending’ to be Sick

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Saudi Arabia died just a few days after a doctor refused to provide her with treatment, claiming she was ‘just pretending’ to be sick.

In numerous posts on Facebook by an OFW named Bby’Ara Tzuyu Talib Solaiman II on Facebook, she narrated that Nenita P. Omro was another OFW who recently arrived in Saudi Arabia from the Davao, Philippines.

But because Omro was sick, Solaiman and her employer rushed her to the hospital but the doctor allegedly saw nothing wrong with the OFW; thus, the doctor told the employer that Omro was ‘just pretending’ to be sick, perhaps because she is lazy and wanted to have an excuse not to work.

Photo credit: Bby’Ara Tzuyu Talib Solaiman II – Kwentong OFW

What’s sad is that the employer believed the doctor even if, according to Solaiman, Omro was visibly sick. It was Solaiman who would help Omro change her clothes, throw away her puke, massage her aching muscles, and even provide her with food when her employer no longer supported the ‘just-pretending-to-be-sick’ OFW.

Just a few days later, Solaiman noticed that Omro was no longer breathing at around 2AM. She quickly called emergency services but she the rescuers could no longer revive her. Solaiman felt devastated that her friend died but the police have even included them in the investigation, saying their profiles and fingerprints were taken at the police station.

Photo credit: Bby’Ara Tzuyu Talib Solaiman II – Kwentong OFW

Because she does not know Omro’s family and was unable to contact them, she shared photos of the late OFW on Facebook in hopes that the family will learn of her death.

Some days later, Solaiman revealed she has spoken with the family who were equally shocked to learn of Omro’s death, saying they have not seen her in years.

Rest in peace, kabayan Nenita P. Omro.

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