OFW Goes Home to Forgive Cheating Husband Who’s Dying of Cancer after His Mistress Also Died from Illness

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) catches her husband with a mistress when she went home after years of working in Hong Kong. Years later, the mistress died of illness while her husband also became gravely ill. Perhaps it was karma from what they did to her?

For 13 years, Patricia Lazaro worked as sales clerk in Hong Kong, making sure that she has money to send her family back home. She had always dreamed of a beautiful, better life for herself, husband Leo, and daughter Marissa.

After working abroad for so long, she decided to go home for good. But when she arrived, she was puzzled at the lukewarm welcome she received from her family. They didn’t seem happy to see her there.

Photo credit: The 700 Club Asia / Facebook

She would later learn from her sister-in-law that her husband has a mistress, a woman he would sometimes bring to their house. Her mind refused to believe this at first but when she finally met the other woman, she was so angry that she fought with this lady. Sadly, her husband chose his mistress.

Seeing there was nothing for her to live for in the Philippines, she went back to Hong Kong. One day, she watched a TV evangelist’s show and prayed along; she felt much lighter and happier afterwards. She decided to forgive her husband.

But going back to the Philippines was a different story. When she saw the two together and her husband still chose his mistress, Patricia felt like it was the end of her world. With a heavy heart, she returned to Hong Kong.

Years later, she received news that her husband’s mistress died of an illness and that her husband was also dying. It was surely karma, right?

Photo credit: The 700 Club Asia / Facebook

But instead of rejoicing at finally receiving some ‘justice’ for the pair’s cheating, Patricia flew back to the Philippines to forgive her husband. She didn’t go back to gloat and laugh at him but to take care of him!

It was the mark of true love. Maybe it was stupid and others certainly laughed at her for taking back her husband and serving him when he had been unfaithful to her but Patricia felt that the burden of hatred and anger was taken from her, making her feel at peace and happier with her life…

Do you think it was right for her to forgive him?