Employers Make This Pinay DH Sleep on the Roof, Wouldn’t Give Her Enough Food and Water

We’ve heard of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) getting abused in the countries they are working in, particularly in the Middle East – and another one has recently gone viral on Facebook after she was forced by her employers to sleep on the roof and given very little food and water.

Identified as Alona Vicente Lizada Niño who hails from Bansalan, Davao Del Sur in southern Philippines, the OFW was said to have been punished by her employers for allegedly stealing jewelry; however, this does not to be true because the employer did not report her to the cops but only made her stay on the roof.

In happier times…
Photo credit: Alona Vicente Lizada / Facebook

Her friend, Angga Jonnyantara, shared on Facebook some videos of the OFW sleeping on the roof. According to Jonnyantara, this is going to be dangerous especially because winter is coming in the area.

But even if there’s no winter yet, it is still quite dangerous for her to live on the roof because Saudi is known for its cruel climate, having extremely hot days and extremely cold nights!

Photo credit: Angga Jonnyantara / Facebook

Jonnyantara hopes that in sharing the videos and the OFW’s condition, she can find help before something worse happens to her, especially because winter is at hand. She could easily freeze in the cold and die!

Photo credit: Julius Ceasar / Facebook

It was also alleged that the OFW does not receive enough food and drinking water from her employers. While she is provided with some water for taking a bath, no soap or shampoo was also given to her.

It’s really sad that OFWs are getting maltreated but the government continues to send thousands of Filipinos to other countries every month…