Grab Car Driver Goes Out of His Way to Bring Woman to the Hospital, Just in Time to Reach Her Son Before He Died

It is truly hard to see your kids die before you but it’s even harder to accept when you were not there by their side as they take their last breath – and that’s what one woman felt when she learned that her son was dying and she had only about 45 minutes to reach the hospital before he passes away.

In a heartbreaking post on Facebook, Anica Velarde Espinosa shared how she had just gotten home from the hospital when she received a message from her son Sean’s caregiver that the boy was fighting for his life and his respiratory rate was getting too low.

Horrified over the news, she immediately booked a Grab Car and was crying even as she boarded the vehicle. The driver asked her what was wrong, concerned about her, but she was too distraught to answer.

Photo credit: Anica Velarde Espinosa / Facebook

She called her Sean’s caregiver and was told that she might still see him before he dies, if she could reach the hospital in 45 minutes. But the ride from Cainta to Fe Del Mundo Medical Center in Banawe, Quezon City could take more than that!

But the driver had been listening to the conversation. Grape Rufon Fernandez also had kids and felt this woman’s pain as she cried, begging for the caregiver to take a video of her son while he was still alive so that she could at least see his last moments if she couldn’t make it to the hospital on time.

He turned his hazard lights on, began beeping at other cars to signify an emergency, and drove to the hospital as fast as he could without also putting their lives at risk. They managed to reach the hospital in 32 minutes.

Photo credit: Anica Velarde Espinosa / Facebook

But when Espinosa tried to give the driver Php1000 as payment, he refused to accept a single cent. He encouraged her to be strong, saying he wouldn’t accept any payment. She gave him quick hug, crying as she said her thanks before running to the ICU as fast as her legs could carry.

Thanks to the driver, Espinosa was able to reach her son while he was still alive and was there when the boy took his last breath. It was painful but she was thankful for the Grab driver who went out of his way to help her out.

She would later seek him out on social media because she couldn’t find his Facebook account. Fernandez was hailed a hero.

Photo credit: Grab

In an interview, he admitted to crying his heart out and calling his wife after Espinosa was gone. For his actions, Fernandez was also recently given recognition by Grab as a hero.