Filipina Nanny in Kuwait Becomes the Family Driver, Receives over Php500k from Employers When Her Son Got Sick

It is a sad reality that many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), especially those working as domestic helpers, are being maltreated by their employers. A lot of them might not be physically or sexually abused but are not given proper wages; some don’t even get wages at all!

But one nanny in Kuwait was lucky to get assigned to a kind family that would not just become her employers for three decades but also her generous benefactors when her son got sick.

Nanay Viola became a domestic helper in 1985 after her husband died of cancer. Unable to fully support her five kids, she sold her inheritance to go abroad. What she didn’t know then is that she would become part of the family she would be working for.

The Al-Ghareeb family was still young and small at the time, with the couple’s eldest barely a month old. Nanay Viola became the boy’s nanny, a job she held when the couple had four more children.

Photo credit: Kuwait Times

While there were many reports of abuses experienced by Pinays in Kuwait, Nanay Viola got lucky with her employers. Not only did they pay her a good salary, she would soon be promoted to family driver and got an even better salary. More nannies were hired to help her, making her job much lighter.

When her son got sick, her employers shouldered the medical bills which amounted to nearly Php500,000 ($9,750) and didn’t let her pay for it; when the young man got sick again, the Al-Ghareeb family didn’t hesitate to help pay all his bills the second time around!

Her employers treat her as family, making her an honorary grandmother — and when she goes home to the Philippines on vacation, they miss each other and would often call, sometimes with the family just asking her for directions around Kuwait.

Truly, Nanay Viola was lucky to have such generous and kind employers. If only all employers were as great as this family…

Source :

Kuwait Times