Despite Disability, This Man Earns an Honest Living by Selling Buko Salad in the Streets

Have you noticed how there are so many criminals who would say they only did bad things because of poverty? They would say that it’s so hard to find a job these days that they resorted to snatching, thieving, scamming, and even selling drugs and other illegal items.

But one man has recently gone viral after a girl posted his photos on social media, admiring him for earning an honest living by selling buko salad in the streets despite having a disability! He could have just stayed on one spot and begged for money but he chose to earn every single peso the honest, hardworking way.

Photo credit: Maryjane Mayo Zosa / Facebook

Identified as Mervin J. Salvador, this man sells buko salad in the streets. He shouts, “Buko salad, salad buko!” as he attempts to attract customers to buy his goods.

His story would soon go viral after a lot of people expressed their admiration that despite his handicap, he continues to find a way to earn money without stealing from other people. Many contrasted him against the able-bodied snatchers who wish to earn easy money by getting other people’s hard-earned cash and valuables.

Photo credit: Maryjane Mayo Zosa / Facebook

According to Maryjane Mayo Zosa, Kuya Mervin said there were times when thieves would get his money or steal his goods but he continues to sell buko salad, anyway, and hopes they would stop bullying him.