Customer Updates Her Passbook, Discovers She Lost All Her Money to Bank Fees

People put their money in the bank so they can save it for rainy days but one customer found out she lost everything to the bank due to bank fees!

Annabelle Akaogi shared how she had Php5,603 deposited in her BDO bank account back in 2014. After 3 years with no movement on her account, she had it updated recently only to discover that all her money was gone – and that her balance had been zero since February 2015!

Shocked and angry that she lost all her money to the bank because of the bank fees, she shared a photo of her passbook and blasted the bank for taking her money. After all, people put money in the bank to earn money and save it, not to discover after keeping it there for a couple of years that everything was gone!

She advised other netizens to keep their savings to themselves or out of this particular bank as their savings might become ‘unsavings’ just like what happened to hers.

Photo credit: Annabelle Akaogi / Facebook – Pinoy History

Heto na ‘yung bank book ko sa BDO may laman sya dating 5,603, di’ ko sya nagalaw ng 3 years kaya pina up date ko. Ang sabi sa akin wala nang laman ‘close account’ na daw. ‘Yun pala sila pala ang nagbabawas ng 300 per month service charge daw?

Anong klaseng banko ito, imbes makapag-ipon ka ng pakonte-konte binabawasan pa pala nila, kaya buti na lng yan lng ang laman ng account ko tama nga ang balibalita tungkol sa BDO bank.

Kaya kung ako sa inyo, lahat ng may balak mag saving account sa BDO, huwag nyo nang ituloy imbes na magkaroon ka ng savings, ang mangyayari sa inyo unsavings.

While a lot of people took Akaogi’s side, also lambasting the bank for secretly ‘stealing’ her money, there were others who pointed out that banks have a policy against dormant accounts and those falling below maintaining balance.

At first, people thought that this might be the case of a dormant account because Akaogi mentioned that she had not done anything with the account for 3 years but upon close inspection, many netizens pointed out that the customer actually had a balance that fell below the bank’s maintaining balance.

On its website, BDO posted that its minimum Monthly Average Daily Balance requirement is Php10,000; accounts falling below this required amount will be charged a Php300 fee per month. On the other hand, dormant accounts are only charged Php30 per month but collection will start only after 5 years from the last client-initiated activity date.

Still, many people couldn’t help but also blame the bank for not notifying Akaogi about her balance falling below the required minimum – although a lot also commented that banks don’t really do that.

Does your bank inform you about your account falling below the required minimum? Mine doesn’t – and it’s not BDO.